by the
"Original Life Blenders,"
Hal & B.J. Stowers

To update our friends around the globe on
what is happening here,
on the Gulf of Mexico, West Coast of Florida
– a Special Setting – in God's Grand Beautiful World…

Winter 2012

Liquid Light…

Winter 2012
January 2, 2012
& A NEW YEAR 2012!!!

GREAT WEATHER -- EVERYDAY IS A BEACH DAY -- Whether it's watching an awesome deep purple front come in from the Northwest with exhilerating breezes, or as the last few days, calm Gulf waters and temperatures in the 70's and low 80's. Lot's of talk at the beach about how very fortunate we are to be here.

Working, playing, praying, sharing . . . LIFE BLENDING!

We find ourselves saying "Where ARE we?"...
It's a lot about savoring the incredibly wonderful Gifts of Nature in God's big beautiful world -- on loan for us all to enjoy...

We rang out the old year with a dinner of Hog Nose Snapper (Christmas gift from our nephew) with Orange Sauce and Orange Sections from our Navel Orange tree... and celebrated 2012 with a brunch of Red Mullet Roe, sunny side up eggs, our navel oranges and fresh herbs from the garden. Dinner was Smoked Mullet from Happy Bayou, fresh sliced tomatoes and sauteed collard greens from our organic veggie garden...

There were also long walks on our barrier island beaches and a new favorite fun activity that we have been developing (at age 67/67)...

SPINNING !!! . . . This is WHOLE BODY SPINNING --no equipment needed . . . it's so much FUN!
. . . and "catchy" -- our beach buddies are starting to
SPIN too! More about Spinning later! , , ,

Celebrating 4+ Decades
by Florida Environmental Artist
Hal Stowers

1971 Hal's First Exhibition -- To Present

Summer 2011
September 5, 2011
LABOR DAY 2011!!!...

The past few weeks have been astoundingly gorgeous --

Hal says "it's almost painful that it's so beautiful."

Summer 2010
July 4, 2010
NO OIL HERE yet – JULY 4th!!!...

The past few weeks have been astoundingly gorgeous --

Hal says "it's almost painful that it's so beautiful."

The water has been clear, the sea oats thick, lush and yellow green on the sugar white dunes – with purple and white blooms on the railroad vines. The shear lucid qualities of Pompano Point where the incoming and outgoing tides merge is high energy nonpareil – such phenomenon never lets us down. We continually say in almost disbelief – "Where ARE we!!!" Large and girthy yet sleek and irridescent snook suddenly abound presenting the challenge of catch and release to surf fishermen who's daily catch usually includes whiting, trout, pompano, etc. for dinner. Mornings reveal Momma sea turtle tracks from the shore to the dunes and back to the Gulf of Mexico. We acknowledge experiencing the longest continuous stretch of coquinas we have ever seen!

The Summer rains have kicked in big time – the katydids, frogs and crickets provide incredible sultry concerts – while dragon flies, song birds and shorebirds – including wood storks and roseates, liven sky mountains purple with rain.

Spring 2010

June 5, 2010

NO OIL HERE – YET !!!...
The sugar white beaches are still pristine

OIL now coming ashore on Florida beaches in the Panhandle!!! Pelicans, herons... struggling and dying, people in our north coastal states robbed of their life and livelihood – our seafood and other natural resources disappearing. The "regulars" here can not help but consult one another – what can be done... feel helpless... starting to lose sleep in anticipation of the nightmare extending to our shores and wetlands and then beyond down the coast – to the beloved Florida Keys – and Caribbean...

Happy Bayou is still a rich lush nursery for fish, song birds and shore birds, and myriad forms of life above and below the water. The thought of our dear innocent creatures being affected by this catastrophe brings about too much concern – one day at a time – last night the sauteed oystery tasting mullet Hal caught in the a.m. with his cast net were absolutely delicious – we thought of all our neighbors along the North Gulf Coast who were missing their fresh seafood, caught and prepared for generations.

May 31, 2010

NO OIL – YET !!!...

The water is
still clear and beautiful – beach grasses, weathered brown by winter, are turning a lovely green to compliment the aquas and blues of the sea and sky – tall shoots are about to burst with new sea oats, long awaited by beach lovers and birds. Coquinas are now appearing and disappearing in the surf and sand – while glass minnows, so incredibly crystal clear, leap from tidal pools to surf in suddenly carved swashes of rushing sea water. Pompano and sea trout are the current prize of surf fishermen and fisherwomen, while tarpon tantalize in the passes. Hal carries out his "Snook Look" in the deep swash cuts along the beach and sand bars – but no snook yet. Curious huge manatee come close to check out bathers and waders. A great variety of shore birds feed at low tide and osprey compete with the fishermen for fresh dinner.

Children of all ages are in playing in pure bliss – with each other, alone, or with beloved pets.

Usually, only carefully said – so as not to disturb the paradise – however much time we have left to enjoy – is talk of oil – possibly on our own beaches and wetlands, and our heartfelt concern for our neighbors in Louisiana and others bordering our North Gulf Coast.

Many of us have loved ones who have sacrificed life, limbs and more – sometimes minds – to protect the U.S.A., preserve our freedom and hopefully that of others...

Certainly it's up to the rest of us to rise up from grass roots to protect our national and global natural resources – without which the quality of life here on Earth is zero.

We've been successful before – the very fact that Caladesi Island, Honeymoon Island and Anclote Key exist today in an almost pristine state is evidence of grass roots results -- let's get moving people! All generations! Some things just can't be compromised.

May 15, 2010

We see Florida Keys & Bahamas Aqua & Electric Greens... Exumas deep Violets & Blues... punctuated by energetic white caps... like charging horses along the shoals bordering the Pass...
Where ARE we???
Pompano Point - right here in the U.S.A - West Coast of Florida - on the
Gulf of Mexico...

HONEYMOON ISLAND & HURRICANE PASS -- The water is so clear and beautiful these mornings that we can only describe it as DELICIOUS! - and as FRESH as the iridescent Pompano, Spanish Mackerel, and Whiting, currently caught daily by the surf fishermen along Hurricane Pass. The comments among the regulars are the same – heaven on earth, it doesn't get any better than this, another day in paradise... But looming and sometimes shared is the real concern that these pristine waters, glowing white beaches, sea grasses, fish, crabs and other wildlife may be soon be ruined, long term, by the oil that has continuously been gushing from the orifice drilled by a now sunken oil rig in the North Gulf of Mexico since April 20.

The vulnerable Gulf shores and passes, with sea grasses... mature and young fish... ghost crabs that are food for Night Herons... Coquinas and Venus Sunray Clams on which Oyster Catchers and others shore birds thrive... the Brown Pelican, Osprey – this list and damage would be endless should oil reach our now vital and treasured shores.

We have been preparing for a
retrospective exhibition AUGUST 1 - 29 at
Leepa Rattner Museum of Art
. The title was set several months ago:
HAL STOWERS: Coastal Florida Fragilities
In putting together this event, little did we expect that such a major systemic catastrophe would occur– another unforgiving oil spill – this time right here in our treasured, rich Gulf of Mexico.

April 22, 2010 EARTH DAY!

Sugar White Beaches, Beach Dragons, Beach Buddies, Crystalline Blue/Green Gulf waters...Rainbow Colored Iridescent Sea Trout...
... and an important message regarding "what we leave behind for others." 

EARTH DAY greeted us with blue sky, fluffy white clouds, a lush bursting green bayou with Spring Time sights and sounds - multitudes of song birds - osprey bringing fish for their babies, piercing the air with their calls - little green herons nesting in the mangrove, with muffled tropical squawks - a mullet ballet amongst the oysters, bait fish pods jumping, appearing like sprays of falling stars... We left this pleasant wake up call for an early walk on a favorite barrier island beach... on the way in the bay, dolphin were jumping totally out of the water...

Our beautiful walk was suddenly interrupted by a magnificent little dragon! Although he was breathing fire, we sensed that he was friendly - along the beach we had just carefully circumvented a number of large excavations - huge amounts of sand had been moved - with resulting extensive mounds, deep holes and moats - attempts, perhaps, at something meant to be "too big to fail" - it would take days for the tide to again be high enough to fill in and even out these questionable efforts. But it was obvious that the Dragon had nothing to do with all that...

The Dragon had been carefully created - a modest four feet long from snout to tip of tail - of finely sculpted sand - perfectly proportioned - completely and in painstaking detail embellished with lovely things from the sea - shells, sponges, seaweed - to create scales, eye lids, horns, the fiery breath, etc. What a joy to find this creature and explore the wonderful surprises he held for interested passersby on their early morning EARTH DAY walk... and an important message regarding "what we leave behind for others."

Further down the beach a good beach buddy and expert fisherman was waiting for us - and inquired if we had our stringer - we whipped the stringer out of B.J.'s hat and Robert gifted us two fresh iridescent sea trout!

Back at Happy Bayou Hal prepared the beautiful trout for our Earth Day dinner. We had a delicious lunch of French green lentil salad. Hal was thrilled to later find a dear little ring neck snake next to the fern bed near our garden. All of these miracles on this Earth Day 2010.
(We even received a small dividend check from an insurance policy we had been paying on since the FIRST EARTH DAY - 40 YEARS AGO!)


January 13, 2010

Our LIFE BLENDING® concept was born on the Gulf of Mexico, West Coast of Florida, The Tampa Bay Area – in the early 1970's.

In 2010, we will be stepping up efforts to share LIFE BLENDING® to help lift humankind's spirit and continue our efforts to bring about more awareness and concern for our natural environment worldwide. We would truly appreciate any way you might help!

LIFE BLENDING® is a friendly creative lifestyle concept which when embraced daily can enrich one's life, enhance creative flow and foster happiness!

EXTREME LIFE BLENDING® is an ultimate Experience that must be Experienced to understand its optimal energy… uniquely customized for one by one's self!

SETTINGS conducive to LIFE BLENDING® can be found or created…

January 12, 2010

A deep polar jet stream has cloaked all of the Southeast and Florida with an unusually frigid cold blast lasting nearly two weeks. All the critters that abound here (including us) have been impacted. We awakened this morning to a shivering low tide landscape - but this afternoon, golden sunlight finally broke the cloud cover, promising a return to our lovely mild subtropical Winter.

We're gearing up with some exciting, fun and creative projects for 2010 -- And as usual, want our friends and Collectors to be the first to know as they evolve! Please send us a reply email with your updated and/or preferred email address (or addresses). If you know Hal Stowers Collectors who have not been in touch with us by email, please help by letting them know we want to be sure they are included.

Of course we always so much appreciate your referring friends, colleagues and family who are interested in Hal's art and collectibles (which make treasured Gifts) -- including our LIFE BLENDING® Coffee Table Book that chronicles four decades of Hal's environmental art and shares our creative lifestyle philosophy which has sustained his creativity. Your support helps us continue our environmental work and efforts to share LIFE BLENDING® for the benefit of humanity worldwide!

Wishing you a beautiful, joyful, and creative 2010
Take care,

B.J. & Hal
The Original Life Blenders
Since 1971


August 13, 2009

As we continue to practice the Art of LIFE BLENDING®, the state of UnFolding becomes easier to achieve – and also maintain – as a desired active barrier while we pursue a variety of activities. Embracing Pristine Moments and simultaneously giving Thanks, has become so spontaneous and frequent on an everyday basis that this Summer we have come to call our home/studio Setting "Camp Heaven on Earth." Today, we have selected to enjoy a special "Trip" – to fly – on a Natural High during this beautiful August sky mountains day – resonating with thunder and rain – taking in one of our favorite beach walks in skinny water, a little time exploring Settings from the past, renewing some old friendships, a touch of Zumba®, and savoring delicious Florida lobster tails cooked on the grill – a glorious celebration for our 43rd Wedding Anniversary!

Hal & B.J.
The Original Life Blenders
This Anniversary Entry from our Home/Studio/Camp Heaven on Earth at Happy Bayou.
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June 28, 2009

The glow of huge, billowing, beloved Summer "Sky Mountains" fills the morning sky – as the sun rises over the Happy Bayou. With practice, "climbing" sky mountains becomes more and more fun and rewarding! – How "high" can you climb? How high can you fly? Back to Earth and out on our barrier islands – as the tide goes out, every step on the beach is a Pristine Moment – the beachy sand, fresh from rain, swept clean by the wind and ocean waves… puree in sunlight. It's another "Coquina Summer" with a super abundance of incredibly beautiful multi-colored tiny coquina clams – surfacing, filtering and disappearing back in… We love standing in their fresh, pure "coquina juice" while hoping to spy tiny sand crabs – or a momma fiddler crab scurrying to find a place to release her pocket full of eggs. The daily sea breeze feels wonderful on bare skin, with the sound of the waves - all so soothing. The liquid light show skipping over skinny water and dancing on the sea is incomparable as we splash along with childlike abandon – sometimes even singing a little as we go. Golden sea oats in full bloom wave poetically for attention… railroad vine with purple flowers charm their way up and down sand dunes – mixing with yellow beach Van Gogh sun flowers… God's landscaping is the pinnacle! Standing in this 360 degree open air cathedral – so open and so free – we express that there is no way to totally capture the experience to share – one simply must be there. It's a Natural High – and the more we seek and experience it – the more we can take with us.

Hal & B.J.
The Original Life Blenders
This Summer Entry from our Home/Studio/Camp at Happy Bayou.
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February 13, 2009  
Oyster Bars… Raw Bar…
Dance Bars… Sand Bars…  
More about these Bars soon!

FALL… Full of
Pristine Opportunities

October 12, 2008

Watch for the low tides and be the First to take a step onto a skinny water sand bar – or just exposed silky smooth sand the color of an open Sunray Venus Clam. Terns, Skimmers and Pelicans are gathering in greater numbers… See Dolphin beginning their October acrobatic leaps… Osprey chasing Eagles away from their territory… Ghost Crabs and their babies scurrying and hiding from Night Herons. The early Fall sky is a beautiful Blue and the Gulf waters range from clear Greens to Blue Violet, diced with energizing pods of bait fish and Mackerel in chase. Sea Oats that have survived are poetic waves of golden color… and those that still hold on to battered North and South Points – are now bronze remnants of summer storms. Scan the beach grasses for the just emerging purple haze of blooms that transforms the beachscape into real Tropical Fall…

Beloved SUMMER… Here again!

September 10, 2008

Arrived at Honeymoon Island beach this morning -- but there was no "beach"! Hurricane Ike is swirling west across the Gulf, pushing high tides and waves into the sand dunes. Caught a glimpse of brimming "Hurricane Pass" to the south… Such drama, high energy and motion… it's most humbling, beautiful and poetic. Our thoughts and prayers are with those folks where this giant storm will make landfall. No matter what a storm's projected path, we must always be prepared and remain on guard…

September 7, 2008


Our morning walk took place at Honeymoon Island. I explained to Hal "my head feels like it stayed in bed!"… A great Miami Hurricanes vs UF Gators football game had kept us up later than usual last night. Walking on the beach was dreamlike -- as we say -- like walking in a 360 degree open air cathedral!

As I log this in, the doorbell rings -- it's a long time buddy and "Gator neighbor" with a gift of fresh caught
HOG FISH!!! -- can't get better than that!

Outer spiral bands of recent Hurricane winds and tides had transported the sand… exposing areas of rocks along the beach. We treat these rocky segments as "obstacle courses," traversing them as an "eye foot coordination challenge"… Regardless, we embrace this glorious beach Setting with its surround sounds of nature… and wade out to the indescribably lovely and smooth sand bars.

July 4, 2008

One of the WORLD'S

It was a cool "JULY SKY" morning at Honeymoon Island after yesterday's much needed drenching rains! The shore birds and their babies were happy after an early low tide feeding. We were thrilled to see GAZILLIONS of tiny new coquinas -- although only about an eighth of an inch long, the tiny almost translucent clams were already patterned and rainbow-hued – constantly appearing and disappearing into the wet sand and surf at water's edge. In the skinny water on a sand bar Hal examined a small shell with a tiny hermit crab that exhibited unbelievable energy and delicate minute pinchers.

Families and fisherman began arriving to set up their beach camps for the day's celebration. As the sun rose higher, we had already embraced myriad Pristine Moments and escaped back to beloved Happy Bayou. As we sat on our deck having a peanut butter snack…

Hal said – "I'm 'coquinaed and hermited'…
It makes you think about the right things –
and mellows you out."

June 26, 2008

After the evening's great storm, a cool misty morning greeted us as we walked through the mangrove love tunnel, coffee in hand to begin UnFolding on the dock. Within moments our attention turned to a highly spirited young dolphin working the mangrove edge… under our dock… and then zigzagged back and forth into the mangrove… indulging on fingerling mullet for breakfast! He swirled about us, herding the bait fish – and then as quickly as he had appeared, he was gone. Such high energy and inspiration to begin a day!

The pungent sweet cabbage palm blossoms permeate the early morning air and new sky mountains are brewing on the horizon – promising another dramatic round of late day summer storms with lightning and torrential rain.

Arriving at Honeymoon Island, the dunes are now lush with sea oats in full bloom – dancing in the sea breeze. A small brown beach bunny, nibbling on fresh new growth after yesterday's rain, greets us at the boardwalk leading to the pristine shoreline. This morning's Gulf of Mexico mood is tranquil and friendly – lovely soft surf sounds abound. Today's beach walk will surely be memorable… As we come around lively Pompano Point and look south across Hurricane Pass to beautiful Caladesi Island and its exquisite electric white beach, we pass one of the "regulars" and he says "Isn't the Earth beautiful today!"

June 8, 2008

A most beautiful Spring is now turning Summer… Almost every day there has been a wonderful breeze (only one last week was hot and still)… mornings and evenings are pleasantly cool on our dock, overlooking Happy Bayou, for breakfast and second level covered deck for lunch and late dinner… In fact, it has been heavenly… little green herons, recently hatched in our mangrove, are flying back and forth from their nest to the dock to the mangrove roots across the bayou… osprey are helping their young perfect their flying and fishing… diamond back terrapins surface with babies on their backs to watch the sunrise… schools of all sizes of mullet are performing their water ballet and the bayou is absolutely teaming with all sorts of small fry… roseate couples arrive every evening – spooning at low tide… dozens of manatee have come through feeding and mating in undisturbed respite… bees have been harvesting black mangrove nectar and now the fallen creamy small blossoms decorate the floating detritus and carpet the ground – as though a wedding party recently passed through… red mangrove seeds dangle – anxious for tree crabs to release them for the plunge and journey to become new wetlands… the magical happenings and miracles go on and on…

At Honeymoon Island oyster catchers dine on the zillions of rainbow colored coquinas that have recently begun to appear in the receding surf. We feast our eyes on the myriad colors and patterns of these delicate small clams that seem to be the most pristine creatures possible. On shore birds are nesting and in the water a pageant goes on…at Pompano Point we have seen large dolphin herding fish up close to the shore including schools of snook – the very largest of which seem to follow after the dolphin as they turn. In the morning liquid light is the silver "flash dance" of bait fish pods. The shifting sand dunes are growing large – adorable brown beach bunnies feed on tender grass… fresh sea oats are just beginning to emerge… daisy like beach sun flowers and purple railroad vine climb the dunes and along the sandy footpaths with irresistible charm.

There is no way to fully communicate all the goings on in this heavenly Setting. After our walk, we always turn West to drink in one last look of the Gulf with its beautiful sky and horizon. Every time we think we have seen the most extraordinary colors, translucency, sky mountains, liquid light… we are surprised with amazingly more dazzling beauty.

One extremely low tide evening we walked Honeymoon Island beach in early evening. The tide was out further than we had ever experienced. In between sand bars were swash cuts and pools of water – the entire beach scape had been transformed into a giant Gulf of Mexico playground with the most lovely golden ambience in the setting sun – individuals, couples, families and pets were spread out for miles on this giant sultry canvas – lying on the shallow bars as gentle warm wavelets caressed them… creating sand castles… walking on sand bars studded with starfish and sea shells with beautiful creature inhabitants. Every one seemed unusually and totally involved in the Setting… their human spirits healing and joyful as they experienced UnFolding and their own unique Pristine Moments. We shall never forget the pure beauty of this Gulf Tide Setting and the unspoken feeling of joy and peace that seemed to be relished and shared by so many human spirits savoring the natural gifts provided for us all that evening.

Rainbow Surf…

One morning, while walking in the surf, we realized that it's not always such a "RAINBOW SURF" – but this morning it was. There was more foam than usual and it was made up of larger size rainbow bubbles. As we delightfully splashed along, it made our world a whole lot more colorful… Adding to our "Natural High"… all a part of LIFE BLENDING®!


March 29

It's orange blossom time! This morning and every day we awaken to the incredible perfumed air… and pick fallen navel orange blossom petals from our tree to place in a shell… and carry the lovely smell inside to our studio.

Later, walking north on the beach we became tantalized with the delicious fragrance of what had to be warm cinnamon buns – coming from Honeymoon Cafe. As we breathed in as much as possible, it brought back wonderful memories of the Bahamas – so many times, out early in the morning – led by our nose – seeking a little native island home/bakery with fresh "sticky buns" to have with coffee.

March 26

A glorious morning at Honeymoon… walking - and, as Hal describes – enjoying the "screaming beauty of the day."

March 24

Hal and I are still trying to remember – going back over all our Easters – but think this was the first Easter we have spent alone since our Berkeley Experience (1967-69). Friday and Saturday were fun visiting with family. Easter Sunday, somehow evolved as a time alone together, purely focused on the true meaning of Easter and LIFE BLENDING® – a highly spiritual experience all day long.

We began UnFolding on the dock overlooking Happy Bayou – enjoying one Pristine Moment after another… the sunrise, mullet flash dancing and jumping… looking for the momma Mallard duck and eight babies, watching little green herons flying in and out of their nests amongst the mangrove, a family of sheepshead and myriad other creatures above and below the water who make this amazingly vital small wetlands Bayou off the Gulf of Mexico their home.

Arriving at Honeymoon Island early – allowed us to feel very close to God in His 360 degree open air cathedral – with huge Thanks for our blessings – and exclaiming about the screaming beauty of this island Setting and the day. Sandwiched in between Winter/Spring cold fronts and lovely rain, the wind had settled down and Easter Sunday was sunny. It was so nice and warm, I took off my T-shirt and tied it around my wide brimmed white beach hat as I so often do – but today a purple shirt transformed my headdress into an Easter Bonnet – which evoked an amused and joyful response from many passersby.

At home, out on the deck overlooking Happy Bayou, we sauteed fresh caught mullet fillets and eggs for a delicious Easter Brunch… and continued to embrace one of the most beautiful Easters ever! …Will be adding photos here soon…

March 9, 2008

The giant cold front that crossed the country brought great winds and a much needed large gulp of rain – Happy Bayou looks like a BIG EASTER BASKET – a fresh and lushly green beautiful Setting for the roseate spoonbill couple that came in to feed along with a flock of ibis and other shorebirds. During the rainstorm Hal noted a male night heron clinging to a dock tie pole for more than four hours… in concern for his safety, we wondered why he didn't take refuge in the adjacent mangrove – or, was he actually enjoying the rain and a bath? We thought about all the creatures at Anclote Key, Three Rooker Bar, Honeymoon Island, Caladesi Island and Moonshine – how the nesting has been affected by the storm – and can't wait to see the beach, mangrove and forest – cleansed, sparkling and ready for Spring!

At least a hundred times a day, as we visually drink in our natural environment… whether it be Happy Bayou, the beach, the Gulf of Mexico, a flower, a bird, a fish… or looking up at majestic sky mountains… we exclaim again and again, "it's so beautiful… stunning… heavenly… " followed with "Thank you Lord!"

As we make these notes… this lovely peaceful Sunday afternoon has been interrupted with chain saw sounds. It does not sound like "selective trimming" but is the familiar and disturbing noise of grossly clearing mature mangrove. And so we must end this session to investigate, as part of a "wetlands neighborhood watch", to ensure that the cutting is within what the law permits – and to keep Happy Bayou happy for all the creatures who "happily" make it their home (including the humans who love and value the habitat)!

Hal just threw his net – Yum!!! Sauteed Mullet fillets tonight!!!!!


AUGUST 26, 2007

The sky to the east turned into a dramatic blue violet watercolor above brilliant "Kelly green" red and black mangrove. An equally brilliant rainbow arched from the mangrove forest through the now purple blue sky. Four roseate spoonbills completed their evening low tide feeding in tidal creeks on the bayou – spread their incredibly rose colored wings, and lit up the sky as though the pink glow came from within their feathered bodies.


JUNE 17, 2007

The small creamy white Black Mangrove flowers are in full bloom – dropping at water's edge – creating faceted bouquets on the water's surface – mingling with bright colored fallen mangrove leaves – Wild Florida in "full color"! Red Mangrove seed pods are almost mature – ready to break loose with a splash to begin their journey on tidal currents. Slightly upland, the Buttonwood (White Mangrove) are beginning to bloom – exquisitely subtle.

For us, the HIGHLIGHT of Spring was the dozen or so large MANATEE that frolicked at beach edge just east of POMPANO POINT at HONEYMOON ISLAND all morning. Such a tumultuous and loving display by these playful critters!!!
The Original Life Blenders, b.j. & Hal


January 27, 2007

January 2007 has been stunningly beautiful on the West Coast of Florida. We have been walking the shallow sand bars and gazing with almost disbelief at the light play on the surface of the water and the variety of lucid blues and greens of the Gulf of Mexico.

In addition to the glorious natural amenities at Honeymoon Island, we enjoy the smiles and comments mirrored and shared – especially amongst the regulars…

Quotes from Honeymoon Island "regulars" to begin the New Year… collected from spontaneous, casual, LIFE BLENDING® mini workshops that occur along stretches of our beach walks!…

"I've found my FAVORITE PLACE! THIS ISLAND!!! It's Awesome! See how clear the water is here!"

"When I come here feeling bad, I always leave feeling good!"

"Better than any medicine!"



"Have a Beautiful Day!"



"Lifts my spirit!"

"Good for the soul…"

"What a Great Play Ground… Brings out the child in all of us…"

"Like being on vacation…"

"I call my brother and say – you have to see the sunlight on the water!"

Summer 2006

July 2006

July arrived with its gorgeous and dramatic "sky mountains" pouring down precious rain. It's "Sea Oats Summer 2006" – the sea oats are profuse – lighting up the barrier islands with their golden aura. The shoreline and sand bars are rich with coquinas – incredibly beautiful tiny clams with rainbow colors and myriad patterns.

The few daily beach lovers and fisherman exchange brief exclamations about the paradise they are experiencing. One of the "regulars" sitting under an umbrella with her dog by her side, comments… "a slice of heaven."

The clarity of the water and crystalline colors of the Gulf have been absolutely mesmerizing – especially off Pompano Point at Honeymoon Island. It's like a giant swimming pool – only more beautiful with white sandy bottom, schools of bait playing – all sizes – large blue crabs scurrying, giant conchs with their bright orange bodies, porpoise, snook, and pompano swimming the swash cuts. A large barnacled sea turtle, has come to its final resting spot – it appears as a result of natural causes.

For the first time, we saw two adorable, small brown "beach bunnies" sitting amongst the sea oats on the sand dunes most proximate to the shoreline. Usually they appear more upland on the beach, nibbling fresh new growth, after a rain.

There is an old Florida Cracker saying that we just made up…

"May a tropical breeze be always in your face."
 The Original Life Blenders, b.j. & Hal

One of our Beach Buddies – Annie – Love her smile!

August 13, 2006

In Seeking the Setting and how to celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary, B.J. and I ended up on the same page – What could be more joyful and fun than practising The Art of LIFE BLENDING at Honeymoon Island and our beloved Happy Bayou – the places that inspired and nurtured us daily as we wrote our LIFE BLENDING book!

Anniversary morning, celebrating on our dock with coffee, we began UnFolding before sunrise and were catching moon beams in our cups. The sky was an incredibly luminous blue violet with huge August "sky mountain" clouds billowing – changing dramatically in color, size and shape every second. A dolphin energized the entire bayou with its gentle rolling presence. A bright morning star low in the Eastern sky was complimented by another with amazing revolving colors.

"At the gate by eight" to embrace Pristine Moments at Honeymoon – we began to absorb the Setting – 360 degrees – so clear! An almost full moon, August sky mountains continued to build above the deep blue horizon. Lucid liquid light danced in gentle waves with ocean echoes – caressing bare feet as we walked the sand bars. Experiencing these elevated spiritual moments is to us like heaven on earth – inspiration nonpareil!

Our bare skin began to tingle with the increasing heat of the tropical sun, and we slipped back to the dappled shade of our Point Sun Moon and Sea at Happy Bayou. Beneath the canopy of oaks – bamboo, birds of paradise, mangrove and other tropical foliage created a cool respite. We picked fresh herbs from our garden and envisioned the evening's table setting – a palette with myriad colors of glorious hibiscus flowers. Continuing to celebrate, we filled our entire day and night with Life Enhancing Experiences!

The "Original Life Blenders," Hal & B.J. Stowers

August 27, 2006

It was a startlingly beautiful morning at Honeymoon! – Wrap around high drama with a light sea green horizon and deep blue violet storm clouds and areas of intermittently falling rain. The creamy bright white sand had been freshened by rain drops all night. Across Hurricane Pass, the sun lit up sea oats on Caladesi Island – like Van Gogh's golden yellow wheat fields – against contrasting rich dark mangrove and sugar white sunlit beaches. The tide was out – sand bars were inviting us to come play – but approaching thunder bid us to stay out of the lovely cascading skinny waves. A glorious experience! – Makes an artist want to paint!!! –

"Florida is my Landscape!"
The Original Life Blenders, b.j. & Hal

(We have begun a new book entitled "Florida is my Landscape!"
to be published – when ready – sooner or later! At this point of life on earth, we are "LIFE BLENDING," enjoying working, and managing our Freedom!

The "Original Life Blenders," Hal & B.J. Stowers originaltropicalart.com

"This just happened – had to share it!

September 27, 2006 – early a.m.

Early a.m., I was walking while UnFolding near our mangrove and heard loud splashing going on in the bayou – unlike the sound of fat Fall mullet jumping. I ran out on our dock and lo and behold, three beloved porpoise were rapidly approaching me – intertwined and undulating in some kind of play above and below the water. I thought perhaps they were feeding and playing with their "catch," which I've seen many times. As they came closer and closer in their water ballet, I could see that their "catch" was a red mangrove seedling!!!
Unbelievable, these gorgeous creatures were circling the dock pilings while passing off the mangrove seedling. All of a sudden one of the porpoise flipped on its back at the surface of the churning water – and with extraordinary finesse – was "skipping" the seedling with its snout – only to grasp it again in its mouth and pass it on to its buddies. Round and round, in and out of the water they went right below me – pursuing and skipping the "catch" – Such touch! (Of course early Fall is the time for the mature red mangrove seedlings to drop into the water, and begin their liquid journey on currents and tides to take root and begin new mangrove forests.) Here at Happy Bayou, we have enjoyed and studied the mangrove and wetland critters as part of our lifework – and have never before experienced this incredible acrobatic display with the dynamics of porpoise playing with red mangrove seedlings! I had to leave these "pink bellied" wonders for a moment to call for B.J. to join me. She arrived just in time for their grand finale before they left the bayou with an outgoing tide. B.J. was in near disbelief, and exclaimed over and over how fortunate we were to partake in this phenomenally playful Pristine Moment! Will we ever see this again?"

Hal Stowers

Red Mangrove Leaf and Seedling off our dock.
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